Thursday, June 14, 2012


Please let me know your opinions about the class, projects and my teaching. Thanks for the help!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Here are extra copies of the handouts for the essay and presentation part of the final....

Monday, June 11, 2012



I'm out of school until Wednesday- I'm with my daughter at the National History Day Event in Washington , it's a pretty cool competition for high school kids who create projects (presentations, web sites, posters, video, etc) about events in history. You guys would do well in this competition with your artistic skills and creative ideas.

If you want to see more about it go here @

Please note that your 20 X30 is due TODAY, if you want it in the competition! I set up a sign on the shelf next to our paints to show you where to leave your work. I also told the other art teachers to look for your work when they hang the show today. They are expecting you to pass in the work today! :-) If your work is very wet, you could leave it standing on edge in the art office, or on the shelf next to the sign.

Please take home your older painting work this week!

Wednesday we will be cleaning up the studio, then ALL presentations are on Thursday!

Please check the blog daily for more updates this week! Email me if you have questions.

Have a great day!


P S Check out this site of other student artists and their blogs- cool stuff!!!

See it here @

Monday, June 4, 2012


Crunch time!!!

Here are some deadlines,

20 X 30 paintings to be entered are due Monday, the 11th

Your painting does not have to be entered if it is not complete

All students are presenting on the “senior exam day”, June 14th
            5 minute presentations each

Paint the edges of your work too!

Look to edline to see handouts for the writing and presentation parts of the final exams…

I will be out of school Monday and Tuesday, June 11th and 12th-  those are work days....

Wednesday, June 13th is Room clean up day- no work during class