Monday, April 30, 2012


Another artists you should know.... Vermeer is a master of light and the stillnes of the interior spaces he creates.

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 "Girl Reading A Letter By An Open Window", 1659


Wonderful place for examples of what is "PAINTING" now in America..... check it out!!!

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Look how she has transformed from painting onto a 2D surface (linen and paper) to BUILDING the parts of a painting into 3D...... Notice the way the combines techniques, like spray paint with hand painted areas..... or sanded down painted wood surfaces.

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" Cobbled", wood, foam, spray enamel, and acrylic

Detail of "Cobbled"

 "Intersection", mixed media installation, 2011

 "Repurpose", oil on particleboard, 2011

 detail of "Repurpose"

 "In The Fall Of", oil and spray enamel on linen, 2009

"Wintercircles", Oil and spray enamel on linen, 2009

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Susan Lichtman- interioir spaces

Lichtman has created these extraordinary paintings with dramatic light, space and SOLID figures. Look how she uses COLOR, VALUE and even the PAINT STROKES to push and pull the space.

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 Fabric, 2008, guache on canvas, 18"X24"

" The Diligent Mother", 2006, oil on linen


Step Mother, 2004, oil on linen, 55"X59"

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Juan Genoves

This Spanish artist (b. 1930- ) creates paintings as a way to interpret memories and events in his past- and the political events that shaped Spain.
Images of individuals and groups of people show up in his work. The viewer sees them as small figures, far away and below eye level. Upon close inspection his paintings transform from photographic images into abstract paintings with texture and thick paint.
Be sure to visit his website to view the videos about his work.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Monet Effect Is Up!

Today we completed the "Monet Effect Operation" and stapled the painting to the ceiling in the Academy Foyer. 

Thanks to teamwork, the operation went smoothly.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alexi Cournoyer's: I Learned that in Monea's paintings you don't have to be as neat with your work.


In this art project our class was asked to recreate a piece of Monet's paintings. His choice of color and the way he applied the paint was the start of impressionism. In my pieces that I added to the painting I used similar colors as Monet and always the way he applied his paints. The shadow under the water lilies, shown above, is also shown in his work. It also shows the appearance of water. I learned that the way he applied his paint was a huge component in the way he achieved his works. 

Mikayla's Painting

The paintings that I did looked very similar in color to Monet's. I used a lot of crimsons and greens to match the color of the water around the lily pads. The brush strokes I made were very loose and dry which gives a shimmering affect similar to some of Monet's works.

Max O'Neill

For this painting I had to really change my personal style of painting. I always thought that paintings had to be very crisp and clean, but Monets' style is super loose and really somewhat sloppy. Our class had to work together by blending different colors and tones to create a scene of a pond filled with Lilly pads. I interpreted Monets' oval shaped brush strokes and tried to use shadows underneath the Lilly pads to create  a more 3D view to help them pop.  Also, I tried to match the warmer colors of the background to the color of the Lilly pad. To do so, I used the colors brown, green, yellow, and blue.

Alaina's Monet

My works of art show the style of Monet through the colors and brush strokes. By using the dark mix of Veridian Green and Cadmium Reds I was able to create an intense dark green similar to the shades that Monet used. By making dragging marks next to other shades of green I was able to create a water effect, and depth. 

Ivy Roy

I tried to copy the artist through his shapes and colorations. For the shapes I tried to keep them (the lily pads) more as ovals with varying widths and depths. As for the colorations, I tried to keep the lily pads a greenish shades with hints of blue for the darks and oranges and yellows for lights. he part that I enjoyed the most and found the most successful of the lily pads was the flowers, where I figured out how to cool down the rose pink with a little touch of blue.


This portion is Monet-ish because of the quick and simple brush marks that make it up. it also displays colors similar to those that monet used. The vivid green that I used on the lily pads were made using yellow and green. They abide in the sunlit portion of the painting so that is why they are so bright.  The striated background is also very typical of Monet's pond pictures.

Sam's Monet

My portion of the painting resembles Monet's style because the of the directionality and proportion of the lilys. I chose to paint in an area that was backed with brighter colors. The lilys had to relate to the background color in terms of value. I feel that the yellows and paler colors compliment the background appropriately. 

Hannah Richman

I believe that my portion of the painting looks much like Monet's work for several different reasons.  Monet uses long brush strokes that resemble what we have learned in painting class to be dry brush. In the lily pads that I have painted I tried to use the same technique. Also what is usually seen in Monet's work is his use of complementary colors which I have tried to do in my painting because with the red and green. A last part of painting that Monet uses often in his artwork is making the lily pads go in the opposite direction of the background brush strokes. Through these examples I learned how to think and paint like Monet.

Lex's Monet

My piece of the painting resembles Monet's work in several ways. One of those ways includes the color. The color of the lily pads kind of goes along with the colors of the water in the background. The background is kind of dark so i made the lily kind of dark. Monet used multiple colors in the flowers so I tried to do that as well using pinks, oranges, and yellows. The shadows under the lily pads are also similar to Monet's with the dark colors and the kind of "C" shape. Lastly I tried to follow Monet's loose brushstrokes.

Powers' Part


Monday, April 2, 2012

Monet Complete!!

We completed the Monet today..... adding the last of the lilies, and some ripples in the water surface.

Planning on hanging this up next week!!!