Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Building a Tree

Let's create a painting of the extreme view off the back hill of the Academy.... We will use VALUE and clarity to evoke a sense of that dramatic view..

Here's the handout...

Painting trees!

Looking at the work of George Innes (American 1825-1894) we see his use of VALUE perhaps more than color to create depth and form. Look how much he "leaves to the viewer" to interpret- not every leaf and branch is painted....

See more of his work at this LINK...
Early Autumn, Montclair

The artist, 1890

 Early Morning, Tarpon Springs,  oil on canvas, 1892


Monday, May 30, 2011

Another one!!

I found THIS site last night too- an amazingly skilled painter, Alyssa Monks has the wonderful idea to paint these unique images..... note their size and composition....

See more of her work at this LINK...
The artist at work, photo from thetelegraph.co.uk

Window II 2011, 48x36, oil on linen
Detail of above painting

Stapleton Kearns ----- Check out this Blog!!

I stumbled onto this nice bog last night- LOTS of great examples and info for you here!!! Hope you take the time to view it-

Here is the LINK...
Kerns at work...

Barn painting created above...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thomas Berding, abstract painter-

Check out this guys work!! Wonderful use of color and THICK RICH paint!!!

See more of his work and learn about him at this link...  or this link...

Shahzia Sikander

Sikander uses classic Islamic painting techniques to create her own work. Notice her use of layering images and patterns to hide and "weave" the image together. She has also explored video and instalations in her work...

See more of her work at this link...

Robert Longo

One of the most interesting artists, I've read about lately..... Longo began working with large charcoal drawings of his friends "frozen" in the middle of a dance..... The large-scale images have dramatic energy and strong use of pos/negative space.

See more about this dynamic artist, musician and filmmaker at this LINK....

Please look at this slide show of his work too!!!! LINK...
the artist in his studio

"Untitled, Dragon's Head", 2001, charcoal on paper 82x66 inches

PAINTING Final Project info

It's that time again!!! Here is a link to the Final Exam Project Handouts.....

Click HERE.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anselm Kiefer's expressive creations

Kiefer, a German painter, is known for creating these textured, gigantic works of art. He is influenced by poetry and symbols of Germany's troubled past.  The art he creates uses dramatic textures, often made with thick paint, earth, lead or other industrial materials.  Consider how you might use some of his ideas and techniques in your work....

See more about Kiefer at this link... http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/aipe/anselm_kiefer.htm

Nuremburg, straw and oil paint on canvas

Monday, May 9, 2011

High Key Color Painting Grade Sheet

Here is the grade sheet for your high key color painting! Please fill it out and pass in to the teacher

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vermeer's Interiors

Vermeer, a master painter of light and space, created this series of interior scenes. Look how he has used limited lighting to direct your attention through the image to the focal point. Please also note his placement of objects, every object is in just the right place to lead you to the next.

See more about the artist and his work HERE...

I've also found some videos about his painting technique and compositions.... they are HERE

The Music Lesson, 1662-64

The Geographer, 1668-69

Lady Writing A Letter With Her Maid, 1670

Inside Outside Project!

Create a painting that depicts an inside and outside space -
Gustave Calebotte, Man At The Window, 1875

Here's the handout and grade sheet-

Inside Outside Project Photos

On my recent trip to Providence, I took several photos of the interesting views of downtown. You could use these as reference images for your "Inside Outside" painting.

Take a look!