Friday, February 10, 2012

Check out Zeuxis

A group of still life painters, Zeuxis is a great place to see a variety of paintings about STUFF.... follow the links to the artists involved, and notice how they apply paint, combine colors and develop depth through value.

Here is the link @

Janet Fish

An Amercian painter, born 1938

What a fantastic painter to learn from!! Look how her paintings are "painterly", meaning they are realistic from a distance- then you can see every brush mark as you look closer....

Here are some examples, you can see more of her work here @

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wonderful details

Students are creating some beautiful surfaces in their work with drybrush, scumbled and wet to wet paint.....

STILL LIFE for 2012

Here are some views of our still life set up, and the paintings working from it.

This is only day three on these paintings!!!

Wonderful work!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black and White Still Life Painting

Let's get right to it! 

We are starting out with a still life painted with a range of VALUES- no color. This is a chance to build skills with mixing and applying paint..... time to experience and "figure it out".

This painting is also a chance to practice the DESIGN, or COMPOSITION of your artwork.

Here's the handout...

Here's the grade sheet

And a sheet for "mapping" the composition....


Welcome to the Spring 2012 Painting class!!

I hope you will use this blog as an important part of your education this semester- look here for ideas, project handouts, links to sites of interest and photos of the students' work!

Check back here soon,

Mr. Powers