Thursday, May 17, 2012


A great example of someone who has a strong foundation in painting with VALUE, Machness is also able to "loosen up" in these paintings. Notice how he manipulates the SHARP and SOFT edges to create a visual distortion of the image......very cool effect.
He was just on the cover of Communication Arts Magazine's Illustration Annual! A very high honor, that will send lots of illustration work his way-

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Here's his website @

And a video of him painting the image above, here @

Listen to how he talks about "sculpting" the forms in his painting with VALUE, then playing with colors AFTERWARDS. He also talks about how creative people think "differently", and that ability to ENVISION inspires others.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Fantastic skill at applying paint combined with creative ideas and expression!! Check out this site to see the HUGE range of paintings created by this one man!!!

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 Woman Descending A Staircase, oil on canvas, 1965

The Artist

Monday, May 14, 2012

Elizabeth Murray

Known for her shaped canvases, Murray is a skilled painter, who uses her own "language" of shapes, colors and forms to express herself....

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Here is a nice video of her working and talking about her ideas....
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Another wonderful realist- Bartlett is more traditional, but uses dramatic imagery and subtle references to culture and social issues in his work.

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A wildly creative realist....

Check out his web site here @

Here is some of his work, her makes drawings, mixed media pieces, and uses computer images too! Look at the scale of his work!!! Very Dramatic!

Second Blog Requirement

After developing your Theme and brainstorming info,

 • Gather at least 3 reference images, by posting them to your blog.....

• Also, choose, then gather images and info from a "mentor" artist to post to your blog- post at least three images of their work, a link to their web site, and biographical info on them ( date of birth, nationality, art style)

Use this blog as a resource for artists related to the class' "20 X 30 Challenges".

20 X 30 Project!!!!

Here are the first requirements for your 20X 30....

• Develop your "Theme" for the 20 X30

• You must choose and post which "Category, or Challenge" your theme fits under...

• Create, and post on your blog, a "brainstorm web". The web should have at least 10 "branches" working off a theme.

The branches are more specific objects that relate to the theme...

Remember that the theme is a "big idea", something you can not touch!

Here's an example of a web, some can become elaborate and beautiful!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Great Site for Realism!!

Just found this site this morning!!

What a terrific place to get directions for color, technique and composition! There's a huge ammount of information there, so dig deep!!

See more here @

Here are some sample images from the blog:

Here's the link 
 for the blog posting about the above image... @

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This French artist, (1867-1947) built on the color mixing ideas of Monet (Impressionists) and developed these rich paintings. Look how he uses changes in color TEMPERATURE as well as COMPLEMENTS to make depth and vibrancy in these paintings.

Also, notice that his paintings are not overly detailed ( like Vermeer), but rely more on color and basic forms to describe the scene!!! These interior scenes are just his excuse to try out ideas with color.

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and here @

"The Dining Room", oil on canvas, 1923

"The Dining Room in the Country", 1913